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13 jason26/08/2007 11:32:48"I'm sorry, Mr Spider"
14 jason27/08/2007 12:00:27Coin Sorting
15 jason27/08/2007 12:09:45Correctly Arranged Sandwiches - The key to a happy lunchbox.
16 jason27/08/2007 12:13:41Showering and the Toilet Lid
21 Andy27/08/2007 19:23:34Volume controls
22 Andy27/08/2007 19:28:59Beer mats
23 Chris28/08/2007 22:51:45Closed Doors
26 Frank01/09/2007 00:36:06coffee
27 chris07/09/2007 01:40:28Clean Plates and Cutlery
28 chris07/09/2007 01:45:47Two and Three Drains.
29 4bes M09/09/2007 11:07:00Small round naturally formed things
35 4bes M09/09/2007 17:19:37Touching shoes
36 4bes M09/09/2007 17:22:03Matching pegs
37 Wanty10/09/2007 12:28:08Rinsing after Brushing Teeth & Shaving direction
38 Wanty10/09/2007 12:36:07Watching Football on the telly
39 danmanu12/09/2007 15:48:09O_O i like the smell of my own underwear....
40 Contagiously yours12/09/2007 16:02:42I hate Sundays
41 nigel13/09/2007 14:35:13Pictures
42 it wasnt me15/09/2007 17:37:46nipple cripple
43 FB$65091782715/09/2007 18:02:15Facebook Test 1
44 kushiels_handmaiden21/09/2007 00:26:08Picky eater
45 kushiels_handmaiden21/09/2007 00:31:31Eyes
46 Herbie23/09/2007 12:05:30Dont ask
47 claire24/09/2007 15:40:06Opening curtains and checking the fish
48 AMK01/10/2007 18:50:50This site is making me insane?
49 AMK01/10/2007 18:58:37Cigarette smoke
50 subliminal12/10/2007 17:19:03"Duck means locked..."
51 Emily13/10/2007 17:40:23Objects In The Bathroom
52 wutdafuxupx318/10/2007 21:56:37About me bitchess =]
53 edgelynd18/10/2007 22:00:25Roadkill
55 Matty21/10/2007 21:30:49I....
56 StarShine22/10/2007 18:51:20Hair.
57 StarShine22/10/2007 19:03:20The way I dresssss.
58 EmmaLolz23/10/2007 20:34:38This is weird
59 Sav0729/10/2007 21:44:13Scared of the dark and never watch scary movies why?
60 Panoto29/10/2007 21:49:25I like tortue Fromage!!
61 Sav0729/10/2007 21:59:32Light and music
62 Panoto29/10/2007 22:14:32FISH!!!
63 panoto30/10/2007 19:04:00hmmm
64 becky31/10/2007 21:50:29some little habits ...
65 geojive14/11/2007 21:48:16Mushrooms!!!
68 MonkIsHarmlessComparedToMe18/11/2007 19:41:18finger nails
69 Ditas18/11/2007 20:24:57Locked doors
70 geojive21/11/2007 20:09:50Guy takes pill
71 Ditas21/11/2007 22:13:46loo spy
73 panoto26/11/2007 21:21:38*Gulps loudly*
74 chris28/11/2007 14:52:32Pants and Socks
76 osellius07/12/2007 19:18:26Get a hold of yourself!
77 osellius07/12/2007 19:27:15Do you see what I see?
78 osellius07/12/2007 20:06:41Why are 5 and 6 afraid of 7?
79 lacitabas08/12/2007 18:40:49pretty color...scary shape
80 lacitabas08/12/2007 18:47:42has anyone....
81 Snailfood11/12/2007 19:30:22Accurate sense of anatomy
82 XISwearISayX12/12/2007 19:03:05Santa!
83 matixa13/12/2007 19:27:26colours, shapes and sizes - 1st OCD
84 matixa13/12/2007 19:35:40cleaning - 2nd OCD
85 matixa13/12/2007 20:15:56Scary stories, love them!!! Gggggrrrrr Terribly afraid
86 Ifritiago13/12/2007 23:54:04backwards order...
87 Ifritiago14/12/2007 00:26:26center of attentions
88 Ifritiago14/12/2007 00:42:57stupid ABC
89 Gabexmosh15/12/2007 19:28:00Volume must be on even number
90 Gabexmosh15/12/2007 19:37:05Can only wear white socks
91 Gabexmosh15/12/2007 19:38:36Nails must be trimmed, hair must be straight, clothes must be clean
97 Choppy27/12/2007 17:48:20Dishwashers
98 sapphireluna27/12/2007 18:00:53unmatched undies
99 Choppy27/12/2007 18:05:19Brushing my teeth.
100 livalittle27/12/2007 18:10:25New CDS
101 livalittle27/12/2007 18:20:38fear of falling down
105 sarah02/01/2008 22:14:20The alarm clock haunts me!
106 selin09/01/2008 18:55:03even
107 selin09/01/2008 19:02:25new
108 AzetPita17/01/2008 19:04:21I'm terrified of plants and flowers...
109 selin19/01/2008 00:49:13alone
110 selin19/01/2008 00:53:58o_0 i have a 'thing' for paint
111 selin26/01/2008 23:25:13insanity
112 selin26/01/2008 23:26:18listtt
113 selin27/01/2008 04:33:37i think im addicted...
114 selin27/01/2008 04:37:43i smell my dads cigars....
115 selin27/01/2008 04:44:100_o i also have a 'thing' for slapping....
116 selin27/01/2008 04:47:28im sorry i have so many 'things'...0_o i have another 'thing' for curly red hair and green eyes....
117 mj12328/01/2008 20:14:46hair ties
118 camellia32429/01/2008 19:38:38paper clips and office supplies
119 toti30/01/2008 17:58:27bite compulsion
120 toti30/01/2008 18:08:15a sexual fetish I kinda like
121 selin01/02/2008 13:13:23im scared...[[please no one under the age of 15]] im so sorry to post another 'thing' sorry dunt kno
122 Syke01/02/2008 19:22:30Death
123 Syke03/02/2008 09:10:09Talking To Myself
124 flynnbar1406/02/2008 18:58:22towels!
125 kellytinkerbella07/02/2008 18:24:06butter
126 kellytinkerbella07/02/2008 18:31:07toothbrush
127 kellytinkerbella09/02/2008 16:19:01twos an threes!!
128 mayallyourbaconburn13/02/2008 20:32:59Woot to Toot! Curtains!
129 mayallyourbaconburn13/02/2008 20:39:59What if aliens really come to Earth?
130 mayallyourbaconburn13/02/2008 22:52:18Clean Room Habit
131 akuehnel14/02/2008 19:39:36Counting stairs
132 mayallyourbaconburn14/02/2008 20:18:08Too Hairy of a Carpet
133 mayallyourbaconburn14/02/2008 20:28:43ANSWERS
134 Syke15/02/2008 18:17:49Drawing With My Mind
135 jazziza26/02/2008 21:08:44brushing teeth in front of mirror
136 jazziza26/02/2008 21:27:06reading from the middle to the start
138 jason28/02/2008 16:29:03Left Pocket = Money, Right Pocket = Keys
139 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:50:09Brush my teeth in the shower
140 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:50:57Kitchen Counters
141 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:51:27Bathroom
142 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:52:03Bed
143 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:52:45Clothes
144 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:53:24Picture Frames
145 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:54:06Perfumes and Lotion
146 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:54:28Printer
147 bbiegrl2228/02/2008 19:55:04Leaving the House
148 Josh9103/03/2008 17:12:00if my bed isnt made
149 killhha04/03/2008 19:52:23I need to bang my head to sleep
150 raynaerin05/03/2008 20:57:08When I'm in bed
151 pie/show13/03/2008 19:10:35Grate Fear
152 stinkydog10117/03/2008 17:20:22cards
153 You_do_not_know_me2318/03/2008 17:10:11My Computer Phobia
154 whatkaci20/03/2008 04:19:09Im afraid of
155 sneakyjeeves25/03/2008 17:43:48Tape
156 iloveduckies26/03/2008 17:48:31I tap my teeth..
157 iloveduckies26/03/2008 18:06:22TV volume ending in 5 or 0
158 iloveduckies26/03/2008 18:15:27Pavement slabs
159 persepsion27/03/2008 17:15:28insanity or just complete madness
160 rja tawn1328/03/2008 19:39:57when im at stores...
161 angiE_31/03/2008 18:09:48trace things
162 Annuschka01/04/2008 19:22:47collecting:
163 miss_v02/04/2008 18:10:00the word fart
165 mangosandfish04/04/2008 17:20:14TOUCH
166 mangosandfish04/04/2008 17:21:09GUM
167 mangosandfish04/04/2008 17:23:25TOILET
168 KURTS7704/04/2008 20:01:42strange paranormal thing- or kinda madness? !
171 jimjam09/04/2008 22:13:28Drying Clothes
172 Andy11/04/2008 18:00:26Fuel in cars
173 limp111/04/2008 20:06:41paranio
174 limp118/04/2008 17:26:57hated word
175 Jesusheraldo18/04/2008 19:41:15Worms
176 Jesusheraldo18/04/2008 20:00:06socks
177 jesusheraldo20/04/2008 03:31:41Whilst at work...
178 Jesusheraldo22/04/2008 02:17:53My fear
179 anotherelena22/04/2008 20:39:02My phobia
180 anotherelena22/04/2008 21:06:47numbersnumbers
181 jessybell1923/04/2008 22:45:09at night
182 Karla_gde01/05/2008 19:02:03gasoline
183 Kristahlyn02/05/2008 18:31:22before bed....
184 kristahlyn02/05/2008 21:42:30....
185 kristahlyn02/05/2008 21:46:00fridge
186 8pavola05/05/2008 17:59:20spit
187 karla_gde12/05/2008 08:15:43wasting wather
188 joestonk12/05/2008 17:11:13my license plate insanity
189 joestonk12/05/2008 17:37:37left
190 sbstoner12/05/2008 20:43:36Utensils on teeth
191 az_09913/05/2008 20:58:18Chips..
192 DOOMtaco15/05/2008 17:56:12My O.C.D.'s
193 aussam22/05/2008 18:49:08My things..
194 aussam22/05/2008 19:01:01New cds. Bugs & SMS..
195 aussam22/05/2008 19:15:16Food and numbers..
196 aussam22/05/2008 19:43:41Oh and I left out..
197 eli28/05/2008 23:57:19Gramma rules
198 eli29/05/2008 00:00:04When People don't write correctly, that drives me crazy! even with PhD!
199 Kyramy29/05/2008 19:34:40Escalators
200 Kyramy29/05/2008 19:35:56Needles
201 Dan30/05/2008 18:14:15magazines and books
202 Dan30/05/2008 18:16:13petrol
203 joestonk06/06/2008 15:49:28alphabet soup
204 joestonk06/06/2008 15:54:18belt and shoes
205 jozvan06/06/2008 20:42:34Tidyness
206 cyanidexxkiss09/06/2008 17:11:13m&ms
207 JustAnotherStar09/06/2008 17:22:30Papers.
208 JustAnotherStar09/06/2008 17:43:29Slugs
209 rideascooter10/06/2008 18:34:55Crunching snow..
210 kriptosporidium10/06/2008 20:01:41Styrophoam squeel
211 Waylonscott16/06/2008 17:19:06Anime obsestion
212 Waylonscott16/06/2008 17:23:36My rug
213 Waylonscott16/06/2008 17:35:05moms feet
214 Waylonscott16/06/2008 18:06:19Pain and sex
215 gurgeon20/06/2008 20:24:18every day of my life i want to die
216 unbelivable20/06/2008 22:46:12Cup fetish
217 joestonk25/06/2008 17:23:00the vibrancy of food
218 Zappa25/06/2008 19:19:19Fears in denial
219 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:02:09crunching leaves
220 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:06:26shaved eyebrows
221 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:14:26some one is watching me
222 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:33:02odd number alarm
223 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:42:32i love hair until...
224 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:43:53food bugs
225 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:49:56i sleep with a butcher knife
226 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 18:57:03i hate brushing my teeth
227 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 19:15:11afraid of dying in the shower
228 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 19:20:40pencils in my eyes
229 slurpyzklown30/06/2008 19:23:06eye papercut
230 Judge01/07/2008 19:07:07Keeping safe
231 Judge01/07/2008 19:36:23cracks
232 Judge01/07/2008 19:41:12Death
233 MrclWrkr1101/07/2008 20:44:11my petpeave
234 coelhewi02/07/2008 17:56:57Clicking Teeth
235 kandi_g02/07/2008 18:49:25food
236 kandi_g02/07/2008 18:51:47wounds
237 xiomie04/07/2008 20:41:59"H"
238 xiomie04/07/2008 20:48:50Wake Up
239 sauce__07/07/2008 17:18:03Scratching on Jeand and material
240 krembill07/07/2008 17:21:01Halucinations
241 krembill07/07/2008 17:29:30I don't shit all week...
242 Drackolus08/07/2008 06:45:07Remember things twice?
243 Drackolus08/07/2008 06:48:07Contradicting
244 balabon7708/07/2008 20:35:50Utilize vs Use
245 balabon7708/07/2008 20:48:12Toenails and belly buttons
246 jllybllyrulz08/07/2008 21:16:08I hate lotions
247 jllybllyrulz08/07/2008 21:19:47I like putting soft things around my lips. :D
248 megan199317808/07/2008 21:37:18Alarm clock...
249 BrianaCSC0808/07/2008 22:46:24Spelling...
250 BrianaCSC0808/07/2008 22:52:28What a drag.
251 Shinnerz09/07/2008 17:55:48Conversations
252 iwontsay09/07/2008 22:00:45lose a kitchen chair
253 iwontsay09/07/2008 22:05:40conversations with cat
254 iwontsay09/07/2008 22:12:21suck blood
255 martha10/07/2008 21:50:52the tin of pencil
256 maybeshewill11/07/2008 19:47:46things that burn good
257 ciel11/07/2008 20:49:16i talk to myself outloud
258 rachel9969611/07/2008 20:50:53odd numbers
259 ciel11/07/2008 20:50:59i hate when things get holes in them
260 katzmeow11/07/2008 20:54:30Diving
261 slurpyzklown15/07/2008 17:50:22cheese fingers
262 slurpyzklown15/07/2008 17:54:00lick the eye
263 sagemoonblood15/07/2008 19:40:41Even Countings
264 sagemoonblood15/07/2008 19:43:26Ahh pencils a common fear
265 sagemoonblood15/07/2008 20:24:13eww walls
266 Sagemoonblood16/07/2008 04:39:54Why Can't I Stop This!
267 Libimuffin17/07/2008 19:19:44Fingernail skin
268 Libimuffin17/07/2008 19:21:47Teething
269 Mrclwrkr1117/07/2008 19:57:44In luv w/ a rly old song (artist is dead)
270 Mrclwrkr1117/07/2008 20:01:21insane
271 mojosinkali17/07/2008 22:28:04Happiness is a basking crocodile.
272 MrclWrkr1118/07/2008 02:29:47keep it happy
273 MrclWrkr1118/07/2008 02:58:55crush calculators
274 MrclWrkr1118/07/2008 13:38:56start anew
275 limon_duh21/07/2008 17:16:01no matter how tired i am-i always stay up ALL NIGHT on the computer
276 limon_duh21/07/2008 17:28:18i cant stop making bracelets
277 mindslayer22/07/2008 19:22:29smells...
278 mindslayer23/07/2008 11:16:20dreams
279 Insanez23/07/2008 18:13:05The Evil Seaweed :O
280 Insanez23/07/2008 18:20:53The Dark Gasses Of Asses...
281 Megalance24/07/2008 18:40:48Comments
282 glenwood33325/07/2008 18:32:18TV Troubles
283 balabon7725/07/2008 21:37:20The Name Game
284 DrPepper27/07/2008 03:46:14An over powering insecurity about myself?
286 gothic_hippy31/07/2008 18:37:13Dreaded Dimmer Switch of Doom and Despair
290 thatgirlkaveri02/08/2008 00:51:13Double chin Paranoia
291 mrjosh9303/08/2008 05:32:01shirt forward hook left
292 thatgirlkaveri04/08/2008 00:46:21anklessss
293 tania04/08/2008 17:09:25I'm the crazy one one here!!
294 Miranda04/08/2008 17:18:05Oh, the insanity
295 tania07/08/2008 00:42:30I love to smile!!
296 tania07/08/2008 15:22:54I like to register!
297 mj07/08/2008 18:17:14Insecurity
298 mj07/08/2008 18:24:34Kittens Puppies and Babies
299 insanez09/08/2008 18:26:30i H8 pub meal
300 x-JustMe-x11/08/2008 17:21:27Flickbook obsession
301 x-JustMe-x11/08/2008 17:23:50BlueTack
302 x-JustMe-x11/08/2008 17:27:20DaddyLongLegs - I hear you ...
303 x-JustMe-x11/08/2008 17:35:29Piano playing - er, EVERYWHERE (i mean everywhere)
304 geenamae12/08/2008 18:29:48is geena insane?
305 geenamae12/08/2008 18:38:51door paranoia
306 geenamae12/08/2008 18:43:10TV volume number
307 geenamae12/08/2008 18:57:29media players
308 geenamae12/08/2008 19:03:10refreshing the page
309 Pat12/08/2008 22:28:01People on my left side.
310 modernbenoni13/08/2008 20:15:11Numbers
311 shelliemarie14/08/2008 17:56:20back to the wall
312 shelliemarie14/08/2008 18:06:50compulsive hair twirling
314 shelliemarie15/08/2008 16:18:05paper collecting
315 geenamae15/08/2008 21:30:17fiction and nonfiction
316 MokBull18/08/2008 17:11:12Sneeze
317 fight4yourlif3x18/08/2008 17:14:48Walking into places
318 Time-Lady18/08/2008 18:16:28Rinsing hands in the shower
319 jimmothy19/08/2008 01:08:05i lyke music.........
320 popthebubble20/08/2008 19:11:13i have a wierd fear...
321 popthebubble20/08/2008 19:28:50all my phobias and fears..
322 jessiemarie2522/08/2008 21:45:45weird~ness maybe?
323 jessiemarie2523/08/2008 17:05:47clothes in my closet
324 Undetailed25/08/2008 17:13:24Paranoia?
325 limegreen26/08/2008 19:26:11Reality
326 slurpyzklown27/08/2008 15:17:06Seconds on the microwave
327 slurpyzklown27/08/2008 15:23:39finger nail skin eat
328 chris28/08/2008 16:04:53Getting in and out of Bed
329 insanityness29/08/2008 19:25:17biting nails
330 insanityness29/08/2008 20:00:02cracking my knuckles
331 duckie112329/08/2008 20:44:34keeps the monsters away
332 insanityness29/08/2008 21:50:21All Caps To Start With....
333 insanityness29/08/2008 21:56:48Play Count
334 insanityness29/08/2008 22:10:02Blood
335 jessiemarie2530/08/2008 21:15:15Money
336 sportyblonde2802/09/2008 21:50:19my WORST fear
337 sportyblonde2802/09/2008 21:53:11ocd
338 dothedeewyo02/09/2008 21:55:53Writing On My Fingers
339 dothedeewyo02/09/2008 21:58:23Rubbing Hands
341 RLHrinda03/09/2008 21:44:25cujo is the devil
342 RLHrinda04/09/2008 01:08:36ick for eyeballs
343 RLHrinda04/09/2008 01:23:13stuffed animals
344 davisaj904/09/2008 18:05:23Couting Telephone poles
345 davisaj904/09/2008 18:07:59Eating Stew
346 davisaj904/09/2008 18:10:26Timing the microwave
347 hails6904/09/2008 18:27:09mobile madness
348 davisaj904/09/2008 18:36:08Kissing Balance
349 davisaj904/09/2008 18:46:35mouthing words
350 hails6904/09/2008 19:40:49ambulances
351 RLHrinda05/09/2008 01:50:52mirror mirror on the wall
352 quitestrange08/09/2008 18:14:47velvet
353 quitestrange08/09/2008 18:16:24letting phone vibrate
354 quitestrange08/09/2008 18:18:27rearranging letters on license plates
355 quitestrange08/09/2008 18:21:14can't brush your teeth without eating?
356 october_angel9210/09/2008 19:43:15Ew):
357 RunningKnows10/09/2008 20:49:09Clock watching
358 RunningKnows10/09/2008 20:53:52M&M etiquette
359 kittysmurf12/09/2008 18:45:23Bathroom windows and hidden surfaces
360 kittysmurf12/09/2008 18:47:37toilet sharks
361 Skullmonkey15/09/2008 17:33:59Hairy thumbs
363 Pat19/09/2008 21:39:24Hoody strings
364 ninja-turtle19/09/2008 22:18:58way of sleeping
365 jazmyne22/09/2008 22:28:32Everything has it's place
366 90Nz023/09/2008 15:17:10ASDA and deciding what to eat.
367 ARod7424/09/2008 17:57:12Buttons
368 Gothic_Hippy24/09/2008 21:26:15My rabbit gives me tongue facials
369 john643226/09/2008 16:14:46Crackers
370 leftandright26/09/2008 16:36:15How to Eat
371 petalstomp26/09/2008 16:38:462 drains
372 leftandright26/09/2008 16:46:45Skittles
373 Spiral26/09/2008 16:52:13Garage Door Opener
374 Spiral26/09/2008 16:59:28Gym Wierdness
375 weeniedoglover26/09/2008 17:46:41Anyone else obsessed with tweezing?
376 weeniedoglover26/09/2008 17:48:09Eating pasta
377 corbann26/09/2008 18:09:23Public Bathroom multiple malfunction
378 leftandright26/09/2008 18:11:53My fingers know when they've been wronged.
379 juliokhat26/09/2008 20:03:42The bit of metal that ends up inside the can of pop when you open it...
380 SecretPlumber26/09/2008 20:16:26Secret Drunken Plumber
381 wiggles26/09/2008 20:21:36Lightswitches
382 ChickenLittle26/09/2008 21:26:23dollar bills
383 trintrin26/09/2008 22:34:58Finger in my cat's mouth
384 Janpear26/09/2008 23:43:31bryan ferry
385 murphyslaw0427/09/2008 00:29:24even numbers
386 PiratePete27/09/2008 03:39:42Scratching my arse and sniffing my finger
387 PiratePete27/09/2008 03:41:39Peeing
388 DoeEyedCabbage27/09/2008 11:30:54Countng lamp posts.
389 onionOCD27/09/2008 14:53:26lights
390 dicko19812527/09/2008 15:53:55Volume settings
391 Chuancey_freak27/09/2008 17:27:14Fridge
392 mrclwrkr1127/09/2008 20:54:08Twilight series
393 Banana27/09/2008 23:10:20Voices - for the love of consonants
394 Chuancey_freak28/09/2008 04:12:19Dudes pissing in the cubicle with the door open
395 Boomer28/09/2008 20:41:18Long corridor, less steps.
396 beajk00229/09/2008 02:14:27Blinking the Middle of two points
397 beajk00229/09/2008 02:56:51Scraping.
398 elliewelly29/09/2008 09:58:57Counting
399 Carrina29/09/2008 10:34:47Mobile in slippers
400 pipbeale29/09/2008 11:49:18Numbers on Volume (Again)
401 hana-chan29/09/2008 13:05:10all my insanities in one go -
402 bentura29/09/2008 13:48:01teeth rhythm
403 superfly29/09/2008 16:56:20Car Number Plates
404 akcevre29/09/2008 17:14:51my crazy habbits
405 eddie_38_199829/09/2008 21:27:27Shower routine
406 eddie_38_199829/09/2008 21:33:39Spiders in my bed!!!
407 eddie_38_199829/09/2008 21:43:12Kit Kats
408 eddie_38_199829/09/2008 21:58:40Food madness
409 boomer29/09/2008 22:26:34Imagining Horrific Accidents before sleeping.
410 saneascanbe29/09/2008 22:42:22velcro
411 randoom29/09/2008 23:25:38Keyboard
412 boomer29/09/2008 23:31:40Desert before main course.
413 expat230/09/2008 08:53:33Adding up numbers on number plates
414 m2martin30/09/2008 19:35:28Counting Stairs
415 m2martin30/09/2008 19:36:24Talking to pets
416 evillttlimp30/09/2008 23:38:02Numbers and colors
417 evillttlimp30/09/2008 23:39:02Thumb tacks.
418 evillttlimp30/09/2008 23:41:07Windows Tabs/ Media Player
419 evillttlimp30/09/2008 23:43:14Stairs.
420 evillttlimp30/09/2008 23:51:33Food
421 nightbirdjo01/10/2008 00:03:50Calculators
422 houseofmayhem01/10/2008 17:53:39Men wearing flip flops
423 radge02/10/2008 01:30:40Things on the table
424 Smumpsie02/10/2008 08:46:18Ordered Groceries
425 Smumpsie02/10/2008 08:48:36Wrappers
426 EatMyTry03/10/2008 18:27:20Will not - cannot delete letters!!
427 emmat2703/10/2008 18:38:48Locking Doors
429 slurpyzklown06/10/2008 16:20:18pick my boyfriends skin and pluck weird hairs
430 slurpyzklown06/10/2008 16:29:11i hate eating sounds
431 slurpyzklown06/10/2008 16:39:57last couple hits of a cigarette
432 slurpyzklown06/10/2008 16:57:15no eating a sandwich vertical
433 slurpyzklown06/10/2008 17:07:05vegan since birth
434 Brynn07/10/2008 23:19:02Have to have Neat Panty Drawer
435 funkidiva08/10/2008 15:22:02Plasters
436 walie00716/10/2008 19:09:37Once in; no way out.
437 walie00717/10/2008 20:35:40Another day I wake up.
438 MarcusW23/10/2008 18:15:27I like the smell of my own feet
439 MarcusW23/10/2008 18:19:35Eatting food in order
440 MarcusW23/10/2008 18:26:24Closet door must be closed
441 MarcusW23/10/2008 18:32:22Sidewalk crack OCD
442 belucai27/10/2008 17:26:4912:34
443 Lycaneye30/10/2008 20:11:40Everything in right pocket, nothing in left.
444 REEVES30/10/2008 21:27:55ocd fear of insanity
445 ditas01/11/2008 02:11:46Picky eater...
446 Dazz05/11/2008 16:52:46Me in a NUTshell
447 madge12/11/2008 12:11:34Mirrors In The Dark.....ooooooo
448 madge12/11/2008 12:13:25People with chewed-off nails or finger-skin
449 madge12/11/2008 12:14:50Skinny-jeans on the larger frame
450 madge12/11/2008 12:16:19Mould on food
451 duckduckKILL13/11/2008 19:33:46Dirty feet
452 heyyyoncioleex14/11/2008 01:30:21phobia of cotton balls and crunching snow.
453 remember_max14/11/2008 02:32:30Chewing on paper towels
454 Red14/11/2008 23:25:26my gear shift
455 laneime19/11/2008 05:14:23cameras following me
456 laneime19/11/2008 05:16:16have to carry a lighter
457 laneime19/11/2008 05:19:01blankets in a certain order
458 laneime19/11/2008 05:21:34jealous of my dog
459 Meg19/11/2008 19:47:35Food can't touch
460 rwindsor2208421/11/2008 20:38:13terrified of fish and birds
461 rwindsor2208421/11/2008 20:51:11blankets hanging
462 AyerSprayer21/11/2008 21:10:50Mrclwrkr11
463 laneime22/11/2008 05:28:42obsessed with message checking
464 laneime22/11/2008 05:31:28shoplifting
465 laneime22/11/2008 05:35:01hearing and seeing things
466 laneime22/11/2008 05:37:22hate christmas
467 laneime24/11/2008 03:23:45words look funny
468 ditas24/11/2008 22:52:20I talk to myself...
469 Tananda26/11/2008 17:54:21Do your job, you wretched thing!
470 Tananda26/11/2008 17:58:34Ooops, I'm sorry, Mr. Door...
471 Tananda26/11/2008 18:06:10I can't think that!
474 DeathPlease01/12/2008 17:19:32One's company
475 DeathPlease01/12/2008 17:26:03Stuck on repeat
476 DeathPlease01/12/2008 17:31:20mmmm.... Skiiiiin
477 DeathPlease01/12/2008 17:56:48bfsigfsdigbsifsdibvsifgeuOFbaiWARgsdg
478 sunnydaze242103/12/2008 20:26:28shoes
479 butji04/12/2008 22:00:30What color?
480 butji04/12/2008 22:07:51Calculate weird currencies
481 butji04/12/2008 22:09:29iPhone? check!
482 justme04/12/2008 22:13:29part one
483 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:15:01Counting steps
484 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:29:02An unrelenting need to complete patterns which have not yet been completed.
485 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:32:20Rubbing the wrong way.
486 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:36:27Exploring Pain
487 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:38:24Skin Chewing
488 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:40:01Hypocrisy
489 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 17:52:41PARANOIA
490 ihaveagiraffe08/12/2008 18:05:31My Overly Combative Nature Yields Overly Violent Daydreams
491 wonderbread09/12/2008 17:17:00I DONT KNOW!!!
492 wonderbread09/12/2008 17:19:05Crib midgets
493 StrangeRaveness10/12/2008 19:13:21I like pie
494 pauline10/12/2008 19:42:58tap checking
495 diablito12/12/2008 19:33:31Clothes in chromatic order
496 diablito12/12/2008 19:48:13auditory hallucinations
497 wolfyrocker12/12/2008 21:21:13I cant live without thumb rings
498 Spiderkittie14/12/2008 19:43:15Arguing with myself
499 Empty-space15/12/2008 17:21:51I love smoking dead animal hair.
500 Empty-space15/12/2008 17:27:42I can't help but eat raw meat!
501 Empty-space15/12/2008 17:39:05Post 1984 reading.
502 Empty-space16/12/2008 18:12:35Invisible friends
503 drake18/12/2008 17:48:52My little oddities
504 warmsoftglow19/12/2008 17:18:57I need to send naked pictures to strangers
506 john25/12/2008 17:34:08i love the smell of my BO
507 john25/12/2008 17:55:16Everything has to be equal
508 john25/12/2008 18:21:18question marks at the end of statements
509 sassydude25/12/2008 19:33:22Sassydude
510 DarkMiracle26/12/2008 03:27:54I love knives
511 XbabypriX30/12/2008 18:25:13iscolated veg!!
512 krazyfishes31/12/2008 17:22:52MUSIC?!?!?!?!
513 XbabypriX02/01/2009 11:57:40DON'T TOUCH MY NEW STUFF!!!!!
514 PostisPer02/01/2009 20:47:07Prayers
515 PostisPer02/01/2009 21:23:42Smelling my fingers
516 PostisPer02/01/2009 22:29:06Windows
517 PostisPer02/01/2009 23:03:40Cant erase my name
518 PostisPer02/01/2009 23:40:22failure to speak clearly cus of lazyness
521 TRICKYXXX04/01/2009 16:41:34I convert lampshades into hats..!!
522 sammyseal05/01/2009 17:13:41JOining websites and not knowing why
523 BillySpleen06/01/2009 18:38:13I pray before pooping
524 BillySpleen06/01/2009 18:50:37Stairs !
525 BillySpleen06/01/2009 18:52:52I like to fart when I'm alone and enjoy the smell
526 BillySpleen06/01/2009 22:41:18Dolls
527 BillySpleen06/01/2009 22:42:59Cutting my lips
528 BillySpleen06/01/2009 22:45:25Lines on the sidewalk
529 BillySpleen06/01/2009 22:48:08Touching
530 writerchick8607/01/2009 23:20:27drawing shapes in the air
531 writerchick8607/01/2009 23:24:24cold palms
532 writerchick8607/01/2009 23:28:39sharp objects and fingernails
533 writerchick8607/01/2009 23:31:53shower pee
534 writerchick8607/01/2009 23:34:56crushing stuff just for fun
535 writerchick8607/01/2009 23:38:07addicted to shoplifting
536 masterfreak08/01/2009 18:19:18i resond to remarks said by game caraters on saint row
537 masterfreak08/01/2009 18:26:29i always have the feeling some one is fallowing me up the stares
538 masterfreak08/01/2009 18:31:31im 15 and terafid if the dark
539 masterfreak08/01/2009 18:33:14i hate sillensat night
540 masterfreak08/01/2009 18:43:07i have dreams ware i am hurt and wake up with scraps or bruses
541 candygirl2209/01/2009 22:34:18Am I Obsessed With Books?
542 masterfreak09/01/2009 22:46:43i talk to myself
543 howzer12/01/2009 17:35:20collect bogeys in a jar and make it into a ball and eat it
544 masterfreak13/01/2009 19:33:21cabin fever in my own home
545 JollyRobin15/01/2009 01:00:35Hard in bus?
546 davelib15/01/2009 17:36:40fresh snow cotton balls.
547 miss_cellophane15/01/2009 21:34:04Dinner Plate
548 miss_cellophane15/01/2009 21:41:06Cereal
549 satansFreak16/01/2009 22:26:51dreaming of past...
550 trickyxxx16/01/2009 22:48:39I like to smoke whilst Fillling my car..!
551 Nava-iz-Lava22/01/2009 22:13:24yah... i got issues
552 weirdo24/01/2009 02:29:27I'm putting my legs in a basket
553 danielagraca26/01/2009 17:14:18Insanity to keep sanity
554 telepoiss26/01/2009 20:18:12Surfing Wikipedia
555 agghnooo27/01/2009 20:30:34DONT LAUGH
556 agghnooo27/01/2009 20:32:20GLASSES???
557 agghnooo27/01/2009 20:36:03HOME ALONe
558 agghnooo27/01/2009 20:38:48hands
559 agghnooo27/01/2009 20:41:32same side
560 Loz29/01/2009 19:52:07msn
561 Loz29/01/2009 20:09:42obsessivly overthinking everything
562 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:20:25Signing in to this page
563 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:22:11Playing runescape
564 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:23:19I threw my socks to the school hallway
565 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:26:41Making schoolproject for teacher.
566 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:27:04Messengering with my Ex-girlfriend.
567 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:27:49Making these insanityforms somewhy
568 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:29:48Making animal sounds.
569 Jonzku77703/02/2009 18:38:35Putting my shoes to wrong legs.
570 SallyBear04/02/2009 18:19:58CD's have to be the right way up in their cases.
571 SallyBear04/02/2009 18:21:14Have to clap to the friend's theme tune
572 monkees4va05/02/2009 17:45:11Talking to myself
573 monkees4va05/02/2009 17:47:07laughing for no reason
574 boxafrogs06/02/2009 20:37:17Getting to sleep at night.
575 Jonzku77709/02/2009 20:35:10Drinking WARM CocaCola
576 Jonzku77709/02/2009 20:37:57Bought pizza-themed mousemat
577 Jonzku77709/02/2009 20:39:38Watching Conan O` Brien from TV
578 Rachel-Lee10/02/2009 18:56:45Zebra Crossings!
579 Lycaneye24/02/2009 12:24:52Coughing when walking past others
580 laneime06/03/2009 04:46:48enjoying pain
581 forbid24/03/2009 01:08:06ME too
584 wonderbread03/04/2009 16:02:51hello
585 Drake05/07/2009 15:54:32Love of dogs gone to far?
586 kriptosporidium18/07/2009 04:27:17Air-piano
587 kriptosporidium18/07/2009 04:34:50Dry hands
588 miss_vdub0919/07/2009 06:41:00Zapping Bugs
589 masterfreak24/07/2009 01:25:52different person in my dreams
590 Kathy28/07/2009 19:23:25Twirling in my Hair
591 john26/08/2009 03:35:41Warm, flat soda
592 john26/08/2009 03:50:13Making people think I'm Left handed
593 iloveduckies19/09/2009 14:01:44labels
594 iloveduckies19/09/2009 14:20:53virgins
595 iloveduckies19/09/2009 14:49:07Poop phobia
596 laneime30/09/2009 18:32:06refilling toilet paper
597 mrclwrkr1131/10/2009 01:08:46Super Nova
598 wonderbread03/11/2009 18:16:36bandeezy
599 wonderbread16/11/2009 18:49:50Canadians
600 mrclwrkr1108/12/2009 02:13:43Knives and Becca
601 masterfreak13/12/2009 19:50:09games in wrong cases
602 mrjosh9302/01/2010 09:00:06thinking randomness
603 laneime19/01/2010 05:00:39lights going on or off
604 laneime08/02/2010 05:00:44the way i sleep
605 wonderbread09/04/2010 18:57:51WhAt ThE hElL iS wRoNg WiTh YoU?
606 stancuemil22/01/2012 11:26:24stancuemil
607 xrainbowxroox19/04/2012 01:11:11The Evil Side To Stickers