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"I'm sorry, Mr Spider" (Insanity #13)

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Title: "I'm sorry, Mr Spider"
Description: Hi There,

I apologise to spiders when I kill them at home. I usually say "I'm sorry, Mr Spider. It was either you or me." because I can't tolerate a spider in the same room as me and so one of us has to go. I apologise because I feel bad about it.

Bye for now
Username: jason (2.3)  United Kingdom
2.6/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
19/07/2009 06:42:48 (864)
From: miss_vdub09
yuuck they don't even deserve and apology. they shouldn't be in your house in the first place! rude! it is nice of you though, lol i would never because i'm pretty arachnaphobic.

05/01/2009 17:19:43 (744)
From: sammyseal
you are all weird, eat and enjoy the kings of darkness

17/09/2008 03:37:05 (519)
From: Rlhrinda
i always throw them outside so that they can eat
the other bugs like mosquitos and such that will actually bite you on purpose
i think spiders only bite when you try to squish them

11/08/2008 17:30:09 (445)
From: amangrisani
i seriously hate spiders, thinking about them makes me shake. I could never kill a spider because I could never get that close to it. This is what I do and I know its weird but whatever- i spray them from about 4 feet away with a constant stream of hairspray. after the can is practically done- i put a cup or glass over them and run to find help. The hairspray slows them down and they barely move, so that way I can put the glass over them safely without them jumping on me.

07/08/2008 00:09:31 (437)
From: tania

I usually do that to but i don't apologize to the spider i apologize to god for haveing killed one of his creations since i don't like getting near them spiders and the only thing i do is kill them!!!

17/07/2008 22:15:30 (356)
From: Mrclwrkr11
i dont like killing spiders either but i have serious aracknaphobia...watever so i CANNOT touch them or i will die, so i have to scream and or squish them. but i wont go out of my way to squish them if their like in the same room but 3 feet away from me, ill jst scream run out and ask sumone else to get it.

26/06/2008 18:46:53 (279)
From: hooray4hazel

I just leave em to get squished by themselves

13/12/2007 23:57:00 (106)
From: Ifritiago
Apologizing to spiders looks insane, but it's a kind thing XDDD "Oh I'm sorry, Mr.Spider. I didn't mean to kill you..."

29/10/2007 22:04:30 (78)
From: Sav07
Listen Jason this is normal my mum is the same but 2 things you should think of.

1 would you like to be squished.
2. what about the spiders family and/or children they will die of starvation if you kill their mother.

27/08/2007 12:46:06 (11)
From: test1
You shouldn't kill spiders. Have you tried picking them up and throwing them outside?

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