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Left Pocket = Money, Right Pocket = Keys (Insanity #138)

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Title: Left Pocket = Money, Right Pocket = Keys
Description: I don't make the rules but the rules are...

Left pocket is for money
Right pocket is for keys

Those are the rules, anything else is simply wrong. :-)
Username: jason (2.3)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
20/05/2009 05:52:31 (862)
From: Lycaneye

Wallet in right back pocket
EVERYTHING else in right front pocket..
Left pockets shall be left empty at all times..

20/12/2008 17:56:01 (696)
From: quitestrange
OMG so many people agree or have their own :D
me too

but mine is swapped, keys in left and money in right, and my reason is because i used to carry a loose key with no keyring and i would always bring it out and get excited thinking it was a pound coin :P or i wouldn't be able to find my key because i thought it was money. now i just can't bear to have a bunch of keys close to my skin like in a jeans pocket. also, phone and oyster card go in different pockets for this reason - i find them both very important and i want the importance of either pocket to be equal.

15/12/2008 17:29:53 (676)
From: eygen
Yeah I have the same thing but this is personal so I can't really say wether you're  right or wrong.
I always keep my keys in my left pocket, and my loose stuff and things that have screens (Ipod, cellphone) in my right because otherwise they get srcatches from the keys. My phone goes in my coat if I have a phone pocket in it. Wallet goes in coat too. Other loose stuff like small papers or whatever go in my left or right depending on wether it can get scratched from my keys. I think this is a very efficient way of stashing my stuff, but I'm not compulsive about it or anything. If I can put it like this, great, if not it won't be a disaster but in that case I would put on different pants if available :p

03/12/2008 20:54:45 (651)
From: sunnydaze2421
left pocket = keys  right pocket = change, but only exactly $.68 cents when I leave the house. No more, no less exactly 2 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, 3 pennies. Paper money goes in wallet, back left pocket. Cellphones suck !!! I don't carry one anymore.

01/10/2008 23:16:46 (576)
From: terstemarlyn
Well, I have to slighty diagree...

Left pocket - weekly bus ticket pass and mobile phone (avoids wasting time trying to get it out of handbag when it rings)
Right pocket - house keys and clean tissue/hanky

purse/money etc in handbag, back pockets - nothing
(just a girlie wearing jeans 98% of the time)

27/09/2008 23:39:15 (545)
From: dozack
I have to agree that you are wrong! Left pocket, keys, right pocket money and any other rubbish. Oh and wallet always in right back pocket..

26/06/2008 18:43:24 (277)
From: hooray4hazel
Nono, you have it all wrong.

21/04/2008 02:32:21 (246)
From: Jesusheraldo
I do the exact opposite. Keys in left pocket, change in right. Unless I have 2 sets of keys, then the set of keys that I will use next goes in the left pocket and the other set of keys goes in the right pocket.

17/04/2008 20:57:24 (238)
From: Flashkat
Sorry, you're wrong.  Left pocket keys and general stuff (chapstick, lighter, phone) and right pocket for bills and change.  Wallets are for back right pockets.

11/04/2008 17:41:34 (225)
From: Andy
Absolutely right.
Right pocket = keys (only)
Left pocket = Money (+ gum, wallet, etc)

Paper = rear pocket.
Mobile phone = coat/jacket pocket.

Obvious really.

28/02/2008 20:35:06 (199)
From: jason
I find other pockets for those things.

Perhaps it should be only keys and only money in their respective pockets.

28/02/2008 19:26:26 (197)
From: ditas
but what about other things?
like, chewing gum, mobile phone, papers... ?

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