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Coin Sorting (Insanity #14)

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Title: Coin Sorting
Description: When I'm waiting to be served in a shop or bar, I like to sort my coins by diameter. Large coins first, smaller coins last.

I don't know why I do it, I just can't help myself.
Username: jason (2.3)  United Kingdom
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
06/01/2009 18:47:56 (752)
From: BillySpleen
Yeah , a lot of ppl do this :) me too

29/09/2008 21:47:42 (556)
From: eddie_38_1998

I do this too, the longer I wait the more I get onto thinking about whether the coins should be aestetically lined up (ie: biggest to smallest), or in order of value (which would be easier for cashier but not as pretty looking). The there's the 20p v poung coin debate....and then I get nudgd in the back by the next person in the queue for daydreaming and not paying attention to the fact that the cashier is waiting for me, and doesn't actually care what order the money is in.....


17/07/2008 22:19:31 (357)
From: Mrclwrkr11

i luv to sort things so when i get alot of change ~ not like 3 dolars but like 2o in change ~ i sort the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters into piles then i count it! ya whatever..... not that insane.....

12/07/2008 03:35:23 (349)
From: kittychan
Heehee, i do this too. It's like building a pyramid or something. They just look more tidy when in a slick shape like that =3

09/07/2008 17:59:01 (323)
From: Shinnerz
omg i ALWAYS do that and then i give it to the person who is serving me with the coins like that

18/11/2007 19:15:28 (82)
From: MonkIsHarmlessComparedToMe
So do I... I have this small wallet that I carry around with me because I find my wallet gets misshapen if I
carry coins in it. And whenever the change builds up I start sorting it in order - so I can safely close it without
the "coin carrier" getting deformed. :)

27/08/2007 16:38:00 (12)
From: Ian
I do this too!!!!!

Can't help myself but I always think that the coins just look kind'a "neater" when they're arranged in the right way. Big internal debates over whether pound coins should go in front of twenty pences though (N.B: Thinking asbout it (and actually gtting some change from my pocket) the twenty p's go on top)

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