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start anew (Insanity #274)

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Title: start anew

im sure many other people have thought this at least one time in thier lives, but sometimes i think "life" is just a dream, and when we die, thats when we wake up. But i have also thought of an explanation for this. whats the one thing we spend all of our lives doing? ~learning. so when we die we wake up ~ or are "reborn" ~ and we have the chance to live our lives right, we know the consiquenses to bad behaivor, and thats why people say that when a loved one dies they go to a "better place" because there's no murderers or drug adicts or suicidels........i guess you could call it heaven......or just a haven........

p.s. im athiest 0_o

Username: MrclWrkr11 (2.7)  United States
3.3/5 Sane Insane

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