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Twilight series (Insanity #392)

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Title: Twilight series
Description: im sure ur probly all wondering... why are so many people in the world, so totaly obsesed (sp?) with Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, (all by Stephanie Meyer) Well, for so long i have resisted the cult like behavoir of evry tweenaged girl on Earth, until just resently I read Twilight, then i went insane and my mom got me the next to, then I read New Moon, and my mom had to re order eclipse CAUSE SHE ACCIDENTLY ORDERED IN IN SPANISH AND NOW I NEED ECLIPSE CAUSE I ALREADYY GOT BREAKING DAWN AND I NEED TO READ ECLIPSE CAUSE ITS SO TOTALY AWESOME AND IVE BEEN READING A BUNCH OF FAN FICTION IN THE WAIT AND I NEED THAT BOOK!!!! well people of the world it just goes to show you, give in to Stephenie Meyer and read her book, cause you wont be truly happy til u do.
Username: mrclwrkr11 (2.7)  United States
1/5 Sane Insane

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