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im 15 and terafid if the dark (Insanity #538)

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Title: im 15 and terafid if the dark
Description: i see thing move or get bigger
Username: masterfreak (2.1)  Canada
2/5 Sane Insane

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14/01/2009 22:09:27 (801)
From: ditas

@ Jason
I am PETRIFIED(sp?) of mirrors in the dark!!!
They're really freaky... it looks as if someone is on the other side looking at me, or trying to kill me o.o'

(That's one of the reasons i haven't watched the film 'mirrors' yet ^^"

09/01/2009 23:01:57 (774)
From: jason
There are some people on here who are scared of mirrors in the dark. Strange, eh?

09/01/2009 22:48:03 (772)
From: masterfreak
sorry did not really describe by i mean bigger i mean like it moving closer

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