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i hate sillensat night (Insanity #539)

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Title: i hate sillensat night
Description: i cant sleep with no noise at night i just creeps me out so i leave the tv on
Username: masterfreak (2.1)  Canada
1.5/5 Sane Insane

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09/01/2009 22:44:09 (770)
From: masterfreak
dont worry i put the sleep timer on so it shut of after 2 hours i fall asleep in 1 hour mabby  half if i did alot of stuff thaqt day

09/01/2009 22:41:38 (769)
From: candygirl22
Don't worry, you've probobally just gotten so used to noise that now, when you don't hear anything at night, it sounds freaky.
    If you have a radio leave that on instead of the TV, but make sure it's something like classical music. 
   Or, you can read a really boring book.
   I used to have the same problem but I did these things, and it's gone now.
                                      I hope this helps you out!!!!!

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