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i have dreams ware i am hurt and wake up with scraps or bruses (Insanity #540)

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Title: i have dreams ware i am hurt and wake up with scraps or bruses
Description: one night a had a dream ware my hand was cut of and i woke up with a bad cut on my are this gos in to the you die in you dreams you die in real life thing kind of weird and this happens every night a get hit or stabed or some thing and i wake up with a lump on my head or a bloody nose are my are is scaped in wierd ways
Username: masterfreak (2.1)  Canada
3/5 Sane Insane

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13/12/2009 19:43:52 (871)
From: masterfreak
i solved the mistery cuts and brooses my night stand was too close to my bed you when iturn over i hit my hand on the night stand and the cuts on my ribs was a spring that poped out when you lie down a sertain way i fighured this out when i hit my hand of the night stand and lied down a sertain way one the bead i got a phooton now so i dont have to worry about springs and i wipe the night stand and broke it when a hit my hand it really hert

09/03/2009 07:46:57 (857)
From: masterfreak
ditas i dont think its me unless my hands turn into a knife and hammer when i sleep the cuts are to cleen to be nails then again a dont have nails

15/01/2009 17:19:41 (807)
From: miss_cellophane
You don't need a shrink.  You need a Priest.  And an Exorcism.  Just kidding.  I bet you're just thrashing around in your dreams.  But if the cuts start to spell words, you're in trouble ;-)

09/01/2009 22:41:18 (768)
From: masterfreak
i dont think they have a dream interpratation about barny try to hit on me then freddy kruger kill ing him then donig the chicken dance and then cuting my are of

09/01/2009 17:35:09 (766)
From: ditas
I would guess you are doing this to yourself...
It's not uncommon, my best mate does that too :s

Btw, if you dream about death, it doesn't mean you are going to die, dreaming of death means new beginings =)
You can research it if you want.. just type "dream dictionary" on google, i find those really interesting ;)

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