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CD's have to be the right way up in their cases. (Insanity #570)

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Title: CD's have to be the right way up in their cases.
Description: CD's in their cases must be the right way up. This also applies to Dvds.
Username: SallyBear (2.9)  United Kingdom
3.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
10/02/2009 18:38:10 (843)
From: sallybear
i meant the artists in alphabetical order !

10/02/2009 18:37:07 (842)
From: sallybear
yep all the artists have to be in numerical order and their albums, if i have more than one, in numerical order haha

09/02/2009 20:40:38 (841)
From: Jonzku777
that is stupid :D

06/02/2009 21:04:42 (836)
From: boxafrogs
Sall we have a lot in common, my collection is the rite way up and in a-z order, isn't this the usual way? much quicker to choose I would say!

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