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Getting to sleep at night. (Insanity #574)

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Title: Getting to sleep at night.
Description: First of all I would like to point out that I think I'm a normal sleeper, I also like to think that I have no problem with getting to sleep, BUT there are things that I have to do in order to be able to relaxe (doesn't take long though). Go up the stairs without touching the handrail or banister (only to be done at night, don't know why and not really bothered), then go to the front bedroom window to check on things, then go to the back bedroom window to check on things, then bathroom etc. Turn light off on the landing, and put night light on, then go to the front bedroom window, and then( I bet you've already guessed) go to the back bedroom window. Check on kids, and then do the bedroom window stuff again (ha, ha). Go to bed and relaxe on left side (5-10min's), then on right, then on left, then swop bed-sides and off I go, see no problem same thing every night, and I don't suffer any form of sleep deprivation. Odd? maybe, but maybe not!
Username: boxafrogs (3.6)  United Kingdom
3.6/5 Sane Insane

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09/02/2009 16:58:06 (838)
From: XbabypriX

Urmm....... 2 b onest, ive herd ov ppl needin 2 du certain "rituals" b4 dey du tings, but ive neva herd ov ne1 hu dus ALL ov dat, but u aint insane, trust me, bruvv..

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