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Twirling in my Hair (Insanity #590)

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Title: Twirling in my Hair

Ever since I was young and now I'm 58 yrs. old, I have been twirling in my hair. If my hair is short, and of course it's hard to twirl, but my hair is long and I HAVE to twirl in my hair.  All the time. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but the urge is so strong. My hair has gotten thinner and don't know if it's because of the twirling or not. My dad use to get after me and it did no good. Now my husband has asked me why I do that and wants to break me of the twirling. I told him, he won't be able to break it, so don't even try. I have to twirl in my hair while at work (when not busy), driving the car, watching TV, playing on the computer, at restaurants, and even laying in bed before I go to sleep.  It really dominates my life. It doesn't hurt anyone, it just probably annoys people. Sometimes I get embarrassed about twirling in my hair when we're in public. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me. Sometimes I can't wait till I can be somewhere where I can relax and twirl in my hair. I never thought of it as an OCD until I saw something on TV about twirling in the hair.  Maybe it is and maybe it's not. I don't know why I do it, but it's a very strong urge that I can't control. Tell me, am I going crazy? Are there other people in the same boat as me? I'd love to hear your comments!! Thanks!

Username: Kathy (1)  United States
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