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Poop phobia (Insanity #595)

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Title: Poop phobia

i cant stand anyone knowing when i poop. Its not so bad if im at my house on my own or with just my family, but if theres people in the next room, espescially visitors, i cant stand the thought of them knowing.
its always a big issue for me when im on hols with my friends or on school trips, i try and hold off for as long as i can, cos i dont want them to think im disgusting - but this makes no sense as everyone poops?! i always go a bit OTT with the air freshener too, just in case someone finds out :S
has anyone else got a pooping issue? i rele wanna find out if anyone else has this problem.

Username: iloveduckies (2.2)  United Kingdom
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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02/01/2010 08:54:33 (872)
From: mrjosh93
no. but you do apparently.... haha pooper

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