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Canadians (Insanity #599)

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Title: Canadians

I don't know what it is, but i HATE canadians. honestly if canada got blown up tomoro, i'd probably just throw a party. honestly, they're just so annoying its ridiculous. FUCK CANADA

Username: wonderbread (2.7)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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09/04/2010 18:53:14 (875)
From: wonderbread
btw i'm 5'11" an only 160lbs. so eat my shit

09/04/2010 18:51:48 (874)
From: wonderbread
learn how to spell you dumbass. and listen fat ass, canada sucks, but apparently you do more. get the dick out of your mouth and speak english you mother fucker. this isn't resident evil, that shit wouldn't happen you stupid ignorant fuck. holy shit.

13/12/2009 19:37:12 (870)
From: masterfreak
you do know that if canada did blow up every buisness would go bankruped becuse most of your raw matials from us so america would be in utter choas riots breaking out every where most of the wars would stop becuse amarica is a warzone every one agianst every one it would probly spread to ofer contys and then we get ww3 the american goverment trys to make a super solder but ends up make pashont zero for the z virus z=zombie then its the apoclips all this becuse canada was blown up so fuck you you fuck fat ass fatty your car is probly a hummer in whitch only you and mabby a midget can fit in but dont worry there is hope to looseing whiet it call tape worms so go choke on a take worm you ass hole why becuse of you the world is full of zombies and i will be alive why becuase i have the zombie survivel hand book and a bomb shelter

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