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3rd January 2009

I've added a system that allows users to subscribe to insanities so that they get an Email alert when a new comment is added. I hope that this will allow people to engage more readily in a conversation about the insanity.

There's a table in your account page that shows all your subscriptions so you can delete them easily (if you want to.)

You also need to be aware that you'll automatically be subscribed to any new insanities that you enter so you can easily see what people are saying about it.

Give it a try and let me know what happens.

24th July 2008

I've just added a sitemap to the site to help the search engines. Here's the SaneOrInsane sitemap.

Also, I've added an RSS feed for the insanities. Subscribe to it for all the lastest insanities!

1st May 2008 - New Project

If you want, you can take a look at my new project. It's called The Linx and it's a global web directory.

10th February 2008

I just took a moment to add the big list page to help Google and others index the insanities easier.

19th January 2008

I finally got around to fixing the 'Next' and 'Previous' links on the insanity page such that it skips insanities I've had to delete.

Today's little update was accompanied by the beautiful and talented Delta Goodrem on the wireless.

25th November 2007

I've added a statistics page that shows an insanity index by country. You can the drill-down into each country and see the insanities from that country. I've also added country flags to the users such that you can see where they are from and link through to the country page.

9th September 2007

I've been working on a Facebook version of and it's coming along OK. I doubt you'll be able to see this yet but it'll be here. Facebook put some challenging limits on how their data can be sorted in external applications but I reckon I can get it working such that users on both the native version and the Facebook version can share insanities. I've been using this excellent toolkit to help with the .NET Facebook implementation. It takes much of the effort out of the problem.

Watch this space, a couple more days should have the FB version working. Drop me a line if you fancy trying it out as beta tester.

Oh, and I finally fixed a bug that caused a big/scary error when posting an insanity comment straight after rating it.

Musical accompaniment today has been provided by a random selection of 4/5-star tracks from my collection. It's not often you hear Sarah Mclachlan played next to LL Cool J!

31st August 2007

It's been quite a big week for, the site went live on Monday afternoon with a few of my friends signing-up and posting their own insanities (thanks guys), I also added some Google adverts, a nice Google search system for the site, a link to the excellent that allow you to vote for (check-out my profile to see my favourite things) and a tool from that allow you to bookmark pages here on your favourite social networking sites.

Also, I need to thank Chris at CCG for giving me a voucher to kick-start my Google Adwords advertising campaign. Have a look a Chris' web site if you're a golf enthusiast or his iStuff site if you want to see what's been catching Chris' eye on the web recently.

Today saw the first sign-up of a person I don't know. Hopefully Joy will post loads of insanities and enjoy rating those already here. Welcome on-board Joy!

Development Day 5 - 27th August 2007

I had a play this morning setting-up as a Facebook application. I did a little test implementation and it looks relatively simple. There's some more stuff I need to do with the regular site, including getting it out to my friends to try before I'll push on with the Facebook implementation.

I'm quite pleased with the AJAX rating control. It looks like a full AJAX control but it's actually driven server-side using partial page updates. Clever stuff.

Development Day 3&4 - 25-26th August 2007

The site's progressing nicely. I now have a working comments system, an insanity index calculation for both individual insanities and for users, a page for each insanity (where comments can be posted) and I've used URLRewriter.NET to give me lovely 'search engine friendly' URLs for user profiles and insanities.

Today I'll be pushing on with AJAX and web services things such as 'inappropriate' notifications, 'me too' and (maybe) actually rating insanities.

Musical accompaniment is being provided by local singer/songwriter, Caroline 7, the wonderful Nerina Pallot and whatever takes me fancy later.

Development Day 2 - 18th August 2007 12:00hrs

Yesterday's development went OK thanks to the musical accompaniment of the beautiful and talented Amy MacDonald and The Chemical Brothers. The site now has a basic layout (although I'm still struggling with CSS), all the sign up stuff works and I've started the beginning part of the database implementation.

Today I'll be continuing with the database work using standard ASP.NET data components to show the results. Hopefully we'll end-up today with a site that 'works.' :-)

Oh, and if there's time, I'll be practising my salmon dance.

Development Day 1 - 18th August 2007 10:10hrs

Hi There, my name is Jason. This is the first day of developing my new project, The idea came about after chatting to my friends about their strange little quirks and obsessive compulsive disorders. Everyone has them and most are quite fun. I thought I'd create a site to bring them together and allow viewers to rate their insanity and comment on them.

This it the first day of development. I hope to implement things like sign-up and the database today. I'll also do a prototype layout and hopefully arrive at a nice looking site. For those interested, I'm using all the Microsoft tools, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Microsoft AJAX, SQL Server 2005 and Expression Web. I'm new to some of these things but I'll give them a try and hopefully they'll work out OK.

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